Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline November 2015
Technical Corner

Fix It With Steve...

Hi Folks,

I am now 0 for 3 on the Mini front with all of them out of action!

The í67 is still out, since the BCU, with a charging problem that I havenít been able to diagnose yet. The new regulator didnít fix the problem and the checks on the generator were inconclusive. Thanks to John Schroeder Iím going to try another regulator next if I can figure out how to adapt a 3-coil MGB one to the 2-coil mini set up?!

The 1978 Mini crawled home in second gear during the week with a clutch hydraulic problem -- diagnosed it as the master cylinder. Symptoms were no pedal pressure, no movement from the slave cylinder and fluid in the master. That says the problem is a seal in it thatís failed. I ordered a


complete set of seals for the master & slave and a new hose from the UK. I intend to take the opportunity to convert to silicone. The parts arrived this week so Iíll be installing them soon.

Finally the 2003 Cooper got towed home a week last Friday. With the hold up on the Club project I finally got round to looking into why it would start. Answer is the starter motor. A new one is on order from Rock Auto in Wisconsin, one of my favorite parts emporiums -- $68 --when I saw prices as high as $330, thatís a good deal. It shipped Sunday & and arrived so at least one car is fixed!

-- Steve Skegg

CMGC Project Car
Club Car Work In Progress!

Our Tech Coordinator, Steve Skegg, has graciously volunteered to host, and manage therestoration of the Club's newly acquired MG-B-GT! We will be looking for members who are interested in helping out. No special knowledge is required, because we want this to be a learning opportunity for all club members, at all skill levels. What better way to learn the in's and out's of an MG than under the watchful tutelage of the club's own master mechanic? It doesn't hurt that Steve's garage is also heated and air-conditioned!

John Schroeder oversees the windscreen install.

The instructions caution that windscreen replacement is a bear!

The car is almost complete! A few items left to accomplish. See the list below.

List of work sessions status: (order determined by availability of parts & manpower)
  Install the new electronic SU fuel pump, correctly
  Brake/ Clutch hydraulics. - rebuild the brake pressure failure assembly with a new shuttle valve & seals
  Engine / drive train refurbish - fluids change, prop shaft reversal & connection, radiator support & tray install & getting it started.
  Windscreen replacementówaiting on proper gaskets
  Interior install Ė interior upholstery, seat belts, door locks ó most work complete, a few touchups are required.
  Body, clean, paint touch up etc.

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