Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline November 2015
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Emma 31 - Beautiful Photo

A few weeks after the University Motors Summer Party in Grand Rapids, MI, we received an email with an exceptional-ly beautiful photo of Emma, our 1931 MG M-Type. The photographer, Bill Chandler shot Emma at the car show and then re-moved the background on his computer. The straight upfront camera position and evenly distributed lighting make Emma look fantastic. The link below directs you to Billís flickr album with Emma and other works of Bill (including a red MGA and TD). I think that if you send him a photo that lends itself to a similar process, he might add your MG to the album as well.

In todayís digital age, I keep pictures on my phone, tablet, or computer too often. However, his one is going to be printed on nice glossy paper and stand on my desk.

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