Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline November 2016

  Monthly Meeting Minutes
October 17, 2016

Victor Lheureux

35 Members & guests in attendance

CMGC president Dave Novak opened the meeting at 8:02 pm.

Car Projects
Steve Gorr has been having problems during the Color Tour with his ignition system. After several troubleshooting attempts and some corrective maintenance, a faulty alternator was replaced.
Kevin Carlson started a project of remounting his car seats. Upon further investigation, he found the floorboards were quite pitted and rusty in spots. Instead of replacing the floorboards – requiring cutting out and welding in new material – he decided to layer over with sheetmetal. He beefed up the floorboards with insulation soundproofing acquired from Michael Maienza noted that the product could also be purchased at Eastwood (auto body supplies) – much cheaper than Moss Motors.
Bill Kalafut reported he finally upgraded his 1970 MGB with overdrive.
Steve ‘Sparky’ Sparks’ 1965 Midget broke down with a throttle cable breakage. It appears that there is a grounding problem that caused the cable linkage to disintegrate at the carbrettors. After a replacement cable was installed he is addressing the engine grounding issue.

Past Events (detail summaries of these events are in the October Driveline issue)
October 9 – Fall Color Tour
October 15 – Car Care Clinic for Seniors

Break/ 50:50 raffle – CMGC member – We celebrated the club’s 40th anniversary this evening with cake and champagne. CMGC member – Steve Sparks -- was the winner of $24. Steve let the winnings rollover until next month.

Upcoming Driving/Social Event Schedule (additional details of these events are in the November Driveline issue)
October 30 – Halloween Rally
November 6 – Tune-down & Chili Party
November 24 – Cruise to the Rock
December 5 – Holiday Party


CMGC Staff position nominations
President Dave Novak noted that the CMGC staff positions are up for election and asked for nominations from the floor. Nominations to date are:
Secretary – Victor L’Heureux (accepted nomination)s
Treasurer – Phil Wydra (accepted nomination)
Vice President – John Kearns (awaiting acceptance)
President – Ray Hansen (awaiting acceptance)
Additional nominations will be accepted at the November club meeting.

Staff Reports
Library – Bill Mennell noted that there have not been any changes to the library. He asked if anyone has outstanding books to return them at their earliest convenience.
Finance – Phil Wydra reported $7,985 in checking, $14,233 in savings for a total of $22,218.
Driveline – Victor L’Heureux asked for additional articles with pictures to be submitted for publication. Recommended any stories of restoration in progress or info on their cars of interest.
Driving Coordinator – Reinout Vogt noted that there are still many driving opportunities left this season. Check out the on-line calendar or the Driveline.
Membership – Victor L’Heureux noted that the membership count has increased to 236 members.
Regalia – George Phariss noted that the long awaited CMGC window stickers are on order and should be available soon.

With no further business to discuss, president Dave Novak closed the meeting at 8:54 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Victor L’Heureux
CMGC Secretary

Welcome New Members!

The officers and members of the Chicagoland MG Club extend a cordial “MG Welcome” to the new member who has joined our club in recent months. We wish you “Safety Fast” and hope you will avail yourself of as many club activities as you can.

Michael Belica IV Wheaton IL 1976 yellow MGB
Matt Singer Naperville IL 1979 green MGB
Robert T Martwick, Jr   Chicago IL  

Note: To any member whose name does not appear above, your application may have missed our deadline.

If you don’t see your name next month, call our Membership Chair, Victor L’Heureux at (847) 533-3912 to verify .

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