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New Directions
Monthly Column of Driving Events

Only two events are separating us from the end of the 2016 Driving Events season. The Fall Tune Down (if this newsletter arrives in your electronic or real metal mailbox in the first week of November) and the Cruise to the Rock. You should find the details in this issue. Both events have been on our calendar for many years, and have developed a loyal following.

If you have never been to the Fall Tune Down or the Cruise, I suggest that you give one or both a try. They are maybe a little more social and tire kicking events than organized driving. But they mark the final opportunities to take your MGs out with your fellow-members and its fellow-cars.

It is always fun to do some MG work in Dave Bralich’s garage (with a hydraulic lift that takes your MG up a few feet so there is no need for a conventional jack) while enjoying Cowboy’s renowned chili and a beer.

The weather on Thanksgiving morning is always a big question; it may be overcast, rain, snow, or freezing but it is never going to be warm. But that doesn’t seem to stop Bill Wildt and his crew from the local TV show—Motorsports Unlimited—to record the anniversary celebration of the first


automobile race in North America on Thanksgiving Day in 1895. And the more windy, cold, or wet the weather turns out, the better is the food at nearby Harvey’s (on 31st street) and get into the mood for the traditional turkey dinner later in the day. 

The only thing remaining to officially close out the 2016 Driving Events are the awards, which will be presented at the annual Holiday Party on Saturday, December 3rd. I hope to see many of you there recognize and cheer for the winners of the Moss Motor trophy and the Victoria British trophy as well as all the awards in many other categories.

After that, we go right into the planning for 2017. I am very happy that Tim and Jamie Schafer with Ray and Sue Hansen started to bring back The Secrets of Joe Daviess County Tour. Mark your calendars for June 9-11 of next year.

And while there is some driving events down-time over the winter months, now is the time to think about any idea for next year. Which events did you like, which events should return on the calendar, do we need more or fewer events, and most importantly, would you consider organizing a garage tour, rally, or some other driving event in 2017?

I look forward to hear from you. You can see me at an upcoming meeting, call me at 847-342-9804, or email me at

"The more you drive, the more you smile".

-- Reinout Vogt

books The Library Muse

Let me apologize for missing the October meeting, but it was time to close up the cabin in northern Wisconsin and there was a 54 inch musky calling out to me. After this trip that musky is still calling, but now she is just laughing at me. The last time that the library will be ‘open’ until next year will be in November. Check out our inventory on the Club’s web site and see if anything strikes your fancy. Send me an e-mail and I’ll make sure to have it for the November meeting.

365 Sports Cars
You Must Drive

By John Lamm, 2011, 320 pages, color photos, soft-bound

The title says it all. However some of the cars named one would be lucky to see, let alone get the opportunity to drive. When was the last time you saw a Type 64 Porsche or a Jaguar C-Type? But there are also plenty of more common cars listed, such as MGs, Corvettes, Healeys, and yes, even Triumphs. Each entry has a brief history of the car, and one or two color photos, and both new and current prices.

-- ~~ Bill Mennell

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