Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline November 2016
Special Event

Lucas Memorial Rally
August 28, 2016

What, is it over already? Why canít we go for another 25 miles or so? That was what we said to each other when Rich Meservey checked us in at the finish of the 2016 Lucas Memorial Rally. In 38 MG Club years some rallies were so stressful that we were happy to reach the finish, most rallies were just right and we were ready for a beer when the checkered flag dropped, but only very few were so pleasant that we actually wanted to keep going. Rich Meserveyís and Sundy Meadís 2016 Lucas Memorial Rally did exactly that. It was an absolutely gorgeous MG driving day, blue sky, comfortable temperature, and hardly any wind and we enjoyed the rally so much that we were a little sad that it was already over.

Rich and Sundy came up with a very creative rally route; a main course connecting 2 circle-loops and a figure-eight loop. That layout alone would almost guarantee that you would see going the opposite direction and passing, or being passed by, MGs traveling in the same direction. And because half the field was sent out in clockwise while the other half started in counterclockwise, we saw MGs everywhere and in every direction. Following the MG in front of you was not a viable strategy.

The route directions where in Rich and Sundyís modified Tulip system, which uses GPS-like road situations with the dot and arrow superimposed. That along with the distance and the street names made getting lost just about impossible. There were
four scored elements in the rally. First there were questions. Two sets (one for the clockwise MGs. and one for the counter clockwise MGs) because the answers would always be on the right side of the route. Then we had to look out for a self-service Lucas check point. Further, we were asked to count the square, rectangular, and diamond shaped yellow crossing signs along the entire route. And lastly, Rich and Sundy used a sophisticated GPS application that calculated the ideal driving time for the entire route, assuming that you would always adhere to the posted speed limits. Finishing earlier or later would result in penalty points. All rally teams were giving an official starting time at registration. We were allowed to leave at any time, earlier or later, however Rich made it very clear that the official starting time would be used for scoring.

Along with Emma, 22 teams signed up; 4 TDs. 1 TF, 1 Midget, 14 Bs, and 2 OMs (other makes). Because Emma, our 1932 M-type, was not the fastest in that field we decided to take a head start. We enjoyed the route and the weather and Emma ran like a champ. We actually did very well with the
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