Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline November 2016

MGA Guru Gone Mobile

In late October we were still kicking around New York state with another week to go. We stopped to tune up an MGA and an AH 3000 in Putnam Valley, NY. Then while catching up WiFI work, Steve Trovato from Putnam Valley, NY (and a member of Eastern New York MGA Club) wander in to killed a few hours (which delayed last month's report a bit). Next day Bruce MacInnes of MacInnes Motorsports walked in to say hello and killed another hour. He is Senior Instructor for Skip Barber Racing School. On Sept 28 we dropped on to visit Stuart Arbeit at Custom Spares Ltd in Brewster, NY with 28,000 square feet of classic cars parts 1945 through 1985. He reproduces good quality Lucas PL100 and Cebie headlamps (among other things). Then we got to visit Steve Trovato with several British toys including a RHD MG ZA Magnette, two MGA, a Jag E-type.

At end of month we had a visit to Scarboro Faire in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. This MGA parts specialist is proud of a new reproduction grille and a few more parts they have reproduced. Think full warehouse floor to ceiling with parts, plus a full basement and another off-site warehouse (and not enough space for more incoming parts). Next day we had an appointment with Oxford Motor Cars in East Providence, RI, as they were hosting their monthly open house with a tech session on preparing a car for storage. There were surely close to 50 cars in one building, and I am happy to report at least a dozen MGA and some other MGs in the mix.

Then a visit with Steven Devin in Woburn, Massachusetts, to check out two MGA (and take a trip to the beach house for BBQ). Then north out of MA, across a corner of NH, and up to Waterboro, ME to visit Steve MacKay at Mackays Garage. Think 5-speed TR6 finished, a TR3 resto just starting, and lots of chat about gearbox rebuilders and parts supply problems.

Then heading back south on the 4th, a short stop at Hillside Garage in Middleton, NH, a one-man shop heavy into MG restoration. Then some very remote roads to visit British Vacuum Unit in rural Canterbury, NH. This guy is reproducing original style vacuum units for Lucas distributors, spending thousands of dollars for casting and stamping tooling for some limited production parts. Bully for the little guys. The Brits call this Cottage Industry. Then off to G&R Auto Works (and Sports Car Services) in Keene, NH (both under one roof). Brit car restoration go on big time here with a couple dozen cars currently in house. In the evening we were in Portland, CT for a meeting with 45 members of Connecticut MG Club.

We had a visit with Donna Denert in Cromwell, CT, with her MGB (and do not dare let anyone say it may belong to anyone else). It runs well and is reliable transportation. Then off to see Bob Howard in Guilford, CT, with a very nice MG TD, and an MGB GT. After a test drive I think the TD has a slightly loose rod bearing, to be fixed fairly soon. This was accompanied by more walk-up visitors with "we used to have one" stories. Then we were off to Cardone & Daughter Automotive in Old Saybrook, CT, a nice "classic car" shop to get your British car serviced and/or restored. Then we hit D&J Car Care Center in Manchester, CT, with dozens of British cars
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