Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline November 2016
Feature Event

Halloween Rally
Sunday, October 30th

The day started out with winter skies and summer attitudes. 20 MGs and one Audi met by the Dunkin Donuts at Rt. 72 and Rt. 59 in Hoffman Estates for the annual Halloween Rally.

After brief instructions by Reinout Vogt, the cars were off. Heading north into Barrington Hills, the drivers then found themselves going west into the Dundee area. The route then took a turn south along the Fox River into Elgin past the old hospital district mansions of yesteryear.

First checkpoint, Wing Park for some catch the ghosts. The navigator had to scoop up a worldly sphere off of a spook infested cone. Then it was further west into open country arriving at the Burnidge Forest Preserve. Here the navigators had the opportunity to demonstrate their steering skills avoiding ghosts, as the driver only operated the floor pedals. Glad to report no mishaps. Next stop, Rutland Forest

Preserve for some housekeeping as the participants dumped the ghosts by tossing haunted parts into the crypt/garbage can.

Moving on, the trip continued thru some very picturesque settings in Western Kane County towards Huntley. Thankfully, this area is free from any apparitions so the drive continued east in search of more ghosts and goblins. At the Binnie Forest Preserve it was time for some MG maintenance. Here the contestants installed spark plugs into an MG cylinder head. Righty tighty, lefty loosy.

The last check point was in the Schweitzer Forest Preserve. This proved to be the most challenging test of both the driverís skills and the navigatorís abilities. While the driver negotiated the car around a circle drive, the navigator had to throw a ring around a headstone of a deceased automobile marquee.
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