Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline December 2010

Dave Peterson The Steering
Left Hand Drive

Fall is definitely here (although still mild), as I write this before Thanksgiving. I did indeed get my brake fluid flushed at the Tune Down/Chili party. I inadvertently left my brake fluid bottles for Dave Bralich to dispose of. Sorry, Dave! Dave's garage is a treasure trove of MG parts and tools that most of us don't have on hand. Thanks for a great event Dave. In the spirit of giving thanks, we owe a big thank you to Reinout for setting up an outstanding driving events season. We took part in more driving events than ever before and thoroughly enjoyed them. We owe a big thank you to all of the members who organized tours and rallies this year. Taking part in the events makes me realize how much work goes in to creating them.
Coming home from the Tune Down party I stopped at a parts store for some supplies for an oil change. As I drove across a very gentle curb cut there was a load bang from the right front of my MG. After I parked I checked for damage and couldn't see any. I did the "push down on the fender" test of the shock and saw no excessive rebound. But when I lifted up on the fender, the right side was much easier to lift than the left. I'm adding "check fluid levels in all the shocks to my to do list as I finalize my winter storage tasks. The oil is changed, grease job is done, gas tank if full, coolant is in good shape. The tires need to be pumped up to 40 and I need a new bulb in the left front turn signal/parking light and a re-check of Cowboy's winter storage check list.
So again, I want to say thanks to everyone who has contributed to making 2010 a good MG year.

Happy Holidays,
Safety Fast
-- Dave Peterson

Welcome New Members
The officers and members of the Chicagoland MG Club extend a cordial “MG Welcome” to these new members who have joined our club in recent months. We wish each and every one of you “Safety Fast” and hope you will avail yourself to as many club activities as you can.

Steven Rotfeld - Chicago, IL - looking for a car

Note: Any new member whose name does not appear above, your application may have missed our deadline. If you don’t see your name next month, please call our Secretary, Victor L’Heureux at (847) 516-3093 to verify.


Dino Perez The Steering
Right Hand Drive

Winter is here so you all have a couple of things to do, a check list is needed so you’re ready for next spring. If you missed the tune down party at Dave Bralich’s, plan on it for next season you are guaranteed to learn something new.
If you are not planning to use or start your MG while its freezing out, disconnect your battery so it doesn’t drain when not in use . Another option is to store your battery in a cool or warm climate, and clean the terminals then coat them with a thin layer of Vaseline. It also helps and if you got time, put a coat of hand glaze or light wax on the body before winter it helps protect the paint, remove oxidation or stains if they are there. Also, fill the gas tank, and don’t use the hand brake.
If any parts are needed, now is the time to order them from Moss Motors or Victoria British and don’t forget the British Swap meet for that winter project.
And if you need any assistance give me a call and I’ll make a road trip service call to help out with your car.
What about the Midgets? I haven’t seen that many of them out this year.
Lisa and l tried to do most of the events this calendar year. l hope to do the same in 2011. Thanks to the staff, and members for their time and for showing up at these events. Also a special thanks to the Vintage Club for joining us on several events and including us in some of theirs. That’s what MGing is all about!
-- Dino Perez    
Have a very safe and happy
holiday season.
Auto Appraisal Group
Francen & Son

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