Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline December 2011
Upcoming Events

15th Annual All British Car Swap Meet & Autojumble
February 26, 2012

The days leading up to the Swap Meet were tense last year as the vendor count was beyond our routine capacity. Several alternatives were explored, but in the end, the best solution was to redraw our traditional layout and squeeze a few more spots into our existing buildings.

We were able to handle the record turnout thanks to the many volunteers that assisted with the setup and tear-down along with manning the entrance booth and club booth.

With this coming year – our 16th – we will need the same member support to pull off this important club fundraiser.

Please mark your calendars for the event and contact Jim Evans to sign up to assist in this event.

~~Jim Evans

Membership Dues are now being accepted for the 2012 membership year.

Membership dues are due January 1st. Check the top of your mailing label for the year date—if it doesn’t say ‘2012’, you haven’t paid yet. Early payments save the CMGC staff a lot of work and worries, and saves the club some printing and postage costs. You can pay the $25 dues at anytime by mail to the club PO box, or at any meeting.

Tech Tips
MG Ditties—Distributor
MG ditties are meant to be easily remembered, sometimes sing-song, verses to help you keep track of systems and parts which might otherwise be installed upside-down, reversed, or altogether incorrectly.

RIGHT AWAY—On the distributor newer than the T-series, the driving dog has an offset key. Holding the distributor vertically in front of you, placing the larger half of the driving dog to the RIGHT, the notch in the distributor cam (that holds the rotor) should be pointed AWAY from you. The opposite to this is:
RIGHT ON—The distributor vertically in front of you, the larger half of the driving dog to the RIGHT, with the rotor ON, the rotor is pointed ON to you, not away.

RETARD, RIGHT?—The micro-adjuster on the distributor is RETARDed by moving the knurled knob to the RIGHT. Advance is to the left. Eleven clicks to one degree.

Taken from University Motors, LTD Technical Book Edition 2007.07

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