Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline December 2013

  Monthly Meeting Minutes
Third Monday, November 18, 2013

David Novak

33 Members in attendance.

At 8:05 a jaunty tune was played on the gavel by President George Phariss to bring the meeting to order.

Guests and New Members:
Bob Ligmanowski (hopefully spelled close) found a 74 MGB with only 29K miles on it! With some guidance from Steve Skegg, Bob picked up his new car and is busy getting to know it!
Lisa Jones (who’s married to yours truly) attended her first club meeting EVER.

Dave Bralich showed a piston, rod, and a chunk of engine block that the piston knocked out! Luckily the mishap occurred after he won the race!
Oscar and Diana Gonzales were happy to report that their beloved B is back from the capable hands of John Twist, and is good-as-new! For those who don’t remember, the Gonzales’ were in an accident at the University Motor’s Summer Party. Thankfully everybody walked away OK from the accident (except the MG).
Doug drove his MGC to John Twist’s shop for, what turned out to be, an extensive check-up. It sounds like Twist does a thorough job! Doug was so happy, that he drove his MGB; solo, to pick up the C, so that the B could have the same treatment! Good thinking too, because he doesn’t want either car to be jealous.

Officer Nominations:
Treasurer: No new nominations.
Secretary: No new nominations.
Vice-President: Victor L’Heureux was nominated.
President: No new nominations.
A motion was made to close the nominations and was seconded.

Newsletter “Driveline”: Next Driveline will have a Dues Envelope, as well as the Officer Election Form. Watch your mailbox…

Christmas Party! Coming December 7th! Through an odd quirk of fate, that I didn’t quite follow, there will be a complimentary round of Champagne for a club toast! And in another quirk of fate, or poor planning, the World Famous Abingdon Players have made time in their busy, busy schedule to stop by for the evening! Doors to the party open at 6:30, and there will be a cash bar.
Jim Evans is looking for volunteers for the Magnates, a female choir that accompanies the Players. Jim wanted to stress that the whole fantastic production will give new meaning to the word “amateur”.
Also, don’t forget the gift exchange! Please bring a wrapped gift, worth about $10, to exchange!


Then the 1976 short movie, Rendezvous, was shown. It was my first time, and I was impressed. So much that I borrowed the movie from the club Library to watch again!

Diana Gonzales reminded me to contact NAMBGR to update their records… Haven’t done this yet.

In the 50/50 raffle, Bob Ligmanowski won $19! (Figures he would, since I can’t spell his name!)

Finance: Ralph, and the officers, is in the process of setting up a budget for the 2014 season, in an attempt to reverse the slow depletion of the club’s coffers.
Library: The club librarian wants to remind everybody to return the items you’ve checked out. He noted that some items have been checked-out for 2+ years!
Regalia: New club grill badges are in! They’re going for $20! Get yours while they last! There are also a limited number of club logo plaques! They’re going for $30, and won’t last long!
Webmaster: It’s up and humming along.
Newsletter: Victor is always looking for short articles as well as pictures. Feel free to submit articles directly to Vic! (
Facebook: It’s active!

Previous events:
Tune Down and Chili Party saw 19 people and 8 MGs through Dave’s garage. There were many carb adjustments made, and timing tweaks done. No major issues on any of the cars this year. This seems to be a club trend too!
Halloween Rally saw 17 MGs (ours included) who participated in a “Rally-style” rally. We can’t say that somebody, who may have been Dutch, bribed an Officer of the Forest Preserve Police. All we can say is that it was a lovely day, and when in doubt, offer the Officer Banana bread.

Upcoming events:
Cruise to the Rock! November 28: A Chicagoland MG Club tradition! It’s thanks to Jake and Ann Snyder that it’s grown from just the MG club, to many other clubs around town! The drive is to commemorate the first ever race in the United States! This is a drive that’s held every year on Thanksgiving morning. Meet at the Rock at 9 AM, and although the top doesn’t HAVE to be down, it should be. Don’t worry; you’ll be home in time for Turkey!

Driving awards will be given out at the Holiday Party this year.

Upcoming Events:
Make your reservations for the NAMGBR Convention in French Lick Indiana! It’s the closest that the convention is going to be for a while, so we expect a good turnout of club members! But make your reservations soon! 200 of the hotels rooms have already been sold!

The Amtrak Road Trip is scheduled for January 24th, to Detroit to see the North American International Auto Show. Make your plans soon for this one!
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