Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline December 2013
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It’s long been rumored within certain car circles that our very own Jim Rencar is the original Stig, and like each Stig, sworn to secrecy. To my knowledge this has never been confirmed. Or disproven either. However he was conspicuously absent at the November club meeting when the previously advertised showing of the movie Rendezvous occurred. That got me to thinking, were was Jim back in the 70s when this film was shot. Was he in Paris doing some secret filming?

I checked with some of my contacts at The Department of Justice (formerly INS) to see if they could locate his past whereabouts. All that they could say was that his passport information was missing for that period except for a few notations in French about government work, and that the record was sealed, “eyes only”. I better not say anymore.

C’etait un Rendezvous
A film by Claude Lelouch
DVD, 9 minutes, color, 1973

Just a nice Sunday morning drive through the streets of Paris. Except that in this case it’s an alleged Ferrari 275 GTB driven wide open. Did I say wide open? Well, he did slow down to go up on the sidewalk to avoid some traffic. Red lights be damned, full speed ahead. On the first public showing Lelouch was supposedly arrested. In his defense he claimed that he had taken all possible precautions. This included convincing a Formula One driver to helm the car. He refused to name him. No computer graphics or special effects, just a big right foot. Jeremy Clarkson says that “it makes Bullitt look like a cartoon.” And you never see the car. If watching this movie doesn’t get your pulse rate up its time to trade in your MG for a Prius or mini-van. This DVD was shown at the November club meeting and is now part of our library. It is probably better seen on a large screen TV in a darkened room. Turn the sound way up.
~~Bill Mennell

Adult polo shirt Cinch bad CMGC Regalia

We have another new item available thanks to Bill Mennell; it is a large club logo CMGC Grille Badge, new in 2006, and again in 2013 that is made for hanging on the wall. It is metal and really looks sharp. If you were at the last club meeting you saw an example. They are only $30. They will go fast.

We also received our order of car badges and we have lowered the price to $20 since they are not numbered.

I recently checked our on-line store sales and we are selling some of our merchandise from As you know, these items are available for customization with our club logo and your name or other information. stadium blanket You can also visit the site License plate frame to order MG merchandise of which some of it can be personalized with our club logo. We are a registered club.
How about a warm Stadium blanket for those cool fall (or early Spring) outings? They are embroidered with the CMGC logo.

We have a good supply of club license plate frames as well as the small club pins name badge if you are interested. We also have a small inventory of items that are available at club meetings and other events.

CMGC Name Tags are available to order. If you need a Name Tag, let me know and I’ll but you on the next list. Once we get to 10 on the list, we place the order.

-- George Phariss 
Any questions, do not hesitate to ask George.

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