Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline December 2014

The Steering Column

George Phariss
Left Hand Drive
from our President
I hope to see you at the Christmas Party. I realize that this is a busy time and there are many conflicts. If you do not have plans for Saturday, December 6th, let us know right away that you would like to attend. I can't promise that there is still time to get you in, but we will try. Jana and I had a meal recently at Wheat Stack and really enjoyed ourselves as it was Ribs night, very tasty! We will be starting with an open bar at 6pm; followed with dinner at 7pm. Victor will be our official MC. After dinner, we will have the usual grab bag gift exchange. If you would like to participate, just bring a wrapped gift (about $10 value) and you will get a ticket where you will be able to exchange the ticket for a gift of your choice in a raffle format. If you bring two gifts as a couple, then you get two tickets. We will also have some nice door prizes that everyone will have a chance to win. For entertainment, Doug Clark will be administering a trivia quiz. It has a British twist! Reinout Vogt will also be announcing our club driving awards, and handing out the Hardware. It will be a fun evening. But, best of all, is the chance to visit with fellow MG friends. We hope to see you there!

I want to thanks Gerry Geraci for sharing his experience with his MGA and the filming of an episode of the popular British TV Show "Wheeler Dealers". The episode is scheduled for some time in late spring. At our January meeting we will have Bob Simon showing pictures and discussing his recent trip to some British Car events in the UK. In February we will have our annual Business Meeting with reports from each of our staff positions telling us of their past accomplishments and their plans for the year 2015. Of course at our January meeting, we will be announcing the results of the balloting which you will find included in this Driveline Issue. Note: the ballots and the membership renewals go to different locations.

We finished the nomination process for our club officers and we have good nominees for each office. Dave Novak was nominated for Club President, Ray Hansen and John Kearns were nominated for Club VP, but due to conflicts, John had to withdraw, Victor L'Heureux for Club Secretary and Phil Wydra for Club Treasurer. Your 2015 ballot is included in this issue of the Driveline. We will announce the results at our January meeting. The first event of 2015 is our annual train trip where we are headed to Pontiac Illinois. Yes Illinois! It is always a fun adventure hosted by Ann and Jake Snyder. Look at the club web site for details.

-- George Phariss     



The Steering Column
Right Hand Drive
from our Vice-President
Who-hoo! I beat the winter storms in getting my cars into shelter before they hit.

I’ve been lamenting for a number of months now on my slow progress in getting my garage ready to store my two MG cars. It seems every time I thought I had a free moment to work on the garage, something else took presentence. Sometimes it was self-imposed—I was tired and took a long nap; or maybe it was job related—I do on-call work on alternate weekends and sometimes I’m called away. Sometimes Penny wants me to ‘go shopping. A 1 hour shopping trip can take all afternoon and leave little time to address my tasks in the garage.

Finally I was able to finish the project to a point where I could move the cars into the garage without them getting in the way. The floor was done, the walls insulated, drywalled and painted. Cabinets painted and mounted. A clear day last week facilitated the moving the cars into the garage with the help of my son., Nicolas. The project car was jacked up onto wheel dollies and the driving car was positioned into the garage under its own power. I closed the garage door and admired my handiwork.

The first real winter storm hit a few days after the car storage and I am relieved that I was ahead of the came.

Let the winter blast commence!

-- ~~ Victor L’Heureux    

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