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Nov 23, 2014 edition

Hi Folks,

Work at the ‘Fix-it’ garage is becoming a bit more relaxed in the week now as hibernation mode takes its grip. We are still busy at weekends though.

The project TR6 was wrapped up enough for it to go home. There is still a lot of work to do but at least it’s drivable now.

Saturday I spent four hours rebuilding a Spitfires front suspension, new polyurethane bushes, ball joint & trunnions all round. Made a big difference to the cars handling, no more ‘wobblies’ when you go over a bump.

Sunday wasn’t quite so successful. The job was to replace the brake hoses on an Austin Healey. It soon ground to a halt when we found the new hoses were 1 ½” shorter than the


old ones and if they had been installed turning the steering wheel would have resulted in trying to rip the hoses apart. We decided this wasn’t a good idea for some reason, so the job has been postponed until the right parts show up. It’s just as well the TR left because that means the Healey now fill its spot.

The engine parts for the MBG GT have showed up. So this week I will try to do some preparation work for this coming weekends rebuild. Cleaning stuff and maybe changing the rings on the pistons & honing the cylinder bores if I get enough time.

Saturday & Sunday we will be putting the engine back together with new rings, big end & mains bearings and some nice top hat oil seals on the valve stems. The valves need a bit of a clean but otherwise look in good shape. 10:30 am start both days. If you want to see an engine get a new lease on life then please drop on by.


~~Steve Skegg

You know you're driving an MGB when...
  1. When you go to get your vehicle inspected and the mechanic says "It's free, I don't charge for toys".
  2. When you drive through a toll booth and have to do a hook shot to get the coins in the basket.
  3. When you go to the drive-in bank teller and it takes her 15 minutes to see you.
  4. When you go through an automatic car wash and you start hydroplaning.
  5. When the floor of your garage holds more oil than your crankcase.
  6. When you win 1st prize at a Limbo contest while driving your MGB.
  7. When all the girls at the beach smile more at the car than at you.
  8. When your MGB overheats while smiling back at the girls at the beach.
  9. When you're out for a drive and the birds get points for direct hits.
  10. When you can use your MGB for a golf cart on the course.

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