Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline December 2014
Past Event
Oil Change Day
November 15, 2014

We again changed the oil in the cars of the clients of Journeys The Road Home, the organization that helps some of the less fortunate people in the Arlington Heights area. For the fifth time Dave’s Auto Clinic opened the bays for members of the MG Clubs of Chicago to inspect the cars, put air in the tires, top of some of the fluids and change the oil. As in the previous four years, not all people who had an appointment showed up in time, or even showed up at all. If we do this again next year, we will change the process to minimize the down time when there are no cars to service.

We helped 12 cars this year. The day always works the same. Dave and his mechanic Juan drive the cars on the two-post lifts inside. Some vehicles are in pretty sad condition and can only be serviced outside on the four-post drive on lift. Dave Bralich, Jerry Cihak, Victor L’Heureux, Bob Lee, Russ Mehaffey, David Novak, Jim Vondran, and Phil Wydra were on hand to get dirt under their nails while Dave wants me to run the sign up and waiting area. That is a very fortunate position because I get to experience the gratitude of the clients. All of them are very nice and appreciate the help we give them very much. I get to see their smiles and hear their thank you’s. But that should actually go to all of us. The volunteers that help and all members that support the event.

New this year was our Post Oil Change Soup and Beer. Several of the volunteers came to our house to warm up with Henneke’s home-made Dutch pea soup and Heineken beer.

On behalf of all Journeys clients thank you very much,

~~ Reinout Vogt

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