Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline December 2014

many toys). That was followed by a cold and drizzly night, followed by two more sub-freezing nights. And we came south for warmer weather? Sorry for you folks still stuck in the Chicago area (chuckle).

On date of our last CMGC meeting (11/17) we made it to Lawrenceville, GA, to visit Larry Ice (bugeye Sprite on a rotisserie and a driver MGB) and another friend Jack Orki, an MG Midget owner and President of the local car club. Next day we stopped to visit Juliana "Puddin" Hughes in Atlanta. She is one of those rare women who owns her own MGB and loves the car. She is a (retired) local club member and attends most club tech sessions when available. I gave her car a carburetor tune up and fixed the horn button contact. Juliana is one of the better students, anxious to learn, very attentive to details. We spent time making lists of parts required for future maintenance, discussing electrical schematics and electrical debugging procedures. She won't be doing all maintenance herself, but she wants to know how things work when dealing with those who may be doing the work.

We then traveled to Lexington, GA, to visit Terry Allen who has hundreds of collectible cars, many of them on the small side of reality. But he also has a full size Mini (is there such a thing?), an MG TC, a couple of MGB, a Land Rover and an MGA. This was followed by a trip to Watkinsville, GA, to visit "Speedwell" garage (back in the woods), and meet some folks for "Beer 30". Must have been at least 30 interesting cars there.

Then we hustled a few hours to Columbus, GA, where we have been sitting from 11/1 to 11/25 (so far to date). Here we found a small group of people who seem to need some help with the cars. I have so far tuned one MGB, one MGA one BMW 2002, pulled the con-rod bearings out of an MGB (still to reassemble later), and found coolant in oil in the BMW 2002. We found an MG SA under restoration, and at least two more MGs to see in the next few days. Most of these guys belong to the Peachtree MG Registry, but Atlanta is a bit far away for regular meetings. They may have to form a regional sub-register to get more activities going in their area.

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Barney and Elliot Gaylord

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