Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline December 2015

MGAguru is on the Prowl
MGA Guru is Gone Mobile

This should be an easy report. We have been "stuck" in Bolivar, Missouri, for all of the four weeks since last month's report, and haven't traveled more than 30 miles in any direction. I have been busy reviving several cars, mostly British, none of them MGs, so I will make this fairy brief.

Volvo 1800S
The first car was a Volvo 1800S (similar to P1800, but made later in Sweden rather than in England). Drained stale fuel, purged fuel lines, installed fresh fuel, rebuilt the dual SU carburetors, installed a battery, and got it running. Also patched a leaky fuel tank. Then found the rear brakes had been destroyed (to put it mildly). Replaced three brake hoses, master cylinder, and all of the rear brake parts, making it drivable (with remaining electrical issues).

Next was a Sunbeam Alpine. Drained stale fuel, purged fuel lines, installed fresh fuel, cleaned the carburetors, installed a battery, and got it running. (Sound familiar)? Replaced three brake hoses, to allow it to roll and stop, and had to switch all splined hubs left to right so the wire wheels would not fall off (again). It is now roadable (with remaining electrical issues).

Sunbeam Alpine spinners backward

Then there was an early issue Land Rover, aluminum body, diesel engine. That one got a new clutch slave cylinder and new battery, and gave me a few minutes of fun bashing it around the back pasture (with remaining electrical issues).

There was a 1957 Chevrolet P/U truck with a Ford rear axle, having issues installing some too-wide tires with wheel spacers. It now needs longer wheel studs, on order but not arrived yet.

Austin Cooper disassembled

The most recent project was a mid-70's Austin Cooper (Mini), European spec with single line brake system. Drain fuel, flush lines, add fuel, rebuild carburetor, install a battery and got it running (with remaining electrical issues). Then the greater challenge, as the Hydrolastic suspension had lost fluid on one side with flat suspension. That required R&R of the rear subframe for access to replace a couple of fluid pipes under the floor.

Austin Cooper back on its feet

That involved a couple of broken bolts, leading to drilling and HeliCoils, fabrication and installation of a tapping plate inside one of the body sills (a royal pain), and a new brake pipe. With subframe and rear suspension installed, I assembled a vacuum/pressure manifold to allow evacuation and filling the Hydrolastic suspension with antifreeze fluid (using a vacuum pump and a grease gun). It is now back on its wheels awaiting delivery of a couple of brake hoses and master cylinders.
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