Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline December 2015
Special Announcement

Important Announcement
Membership Dues increase

Fellow MG'ers, as you may know, the past few years have been a bit of a struggle for the club, financially. It's nothing we can't handle, but the past few years, we've been spending a little bit more than we've been taking in. At first it wasn't a big deal, but unfortunately if we maintain this imbalance the club will erode the nest-egg we've worked hard to build.

There are a lot of reasons for this imbalance. For example, membership has declined slightly the past few years, the yearly Swap Meet is not drawing nearly the crowds it once did which impacts our revenue, and postage has been continually increasing.

We have been, and are continuing to take steps to address this. We have cut significantly back on the amount spent on printed material, we are reducing the club locker space, trying electronic delivery of the Driveline, and increasing email communications.

Despite our best efforts, in the interest of keeping driving events fun and free, and to fulfill our mission to preserve and enjoy the MG marquee, the staff has decided that now is the time to raise yearly dues. To help ease the increase, we will have a 2-tier membership, where one price will include the electronic version of the Driveline, and the second, more expensive tier, will also include the printed version of the Driveline.

This pricing is as follows:
Yearly membership with an electronic version of the club newsletter eDriveline…. $30.
Yearly membership with a printed version of Driveline mailed to you……………. $35.
While we regret the price increase, the staff has worked long and hard to prevent this for as long as possible.

David Novak
President, CMGC

Motor Works
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