Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline December 2015
Technical Corner

Fix It With Steve...

Hi Folks,

The project car in now in the hands of a new owner and time for me to start working on some neglected projects on the back burner.

Earlier in the month of November I finally got some time to clear up my yard, which was a great thing.

My Minivan passed its emission test only for the check engine light to come on again when driving it home! A different fault code this time, idle speed malfunction, and yes it was idling higher than usual. Figured a hose would be the problem and found the PCV valve hose had broken off after 12 years of service. This is how I think the problem arises, the broken hose = extra air getting sucked into the inlet manifold. That makes the mixture run weak, which the engine management system detects, so it adds more fuel to get the mixture correct, the now correct air fuel ratio but higher volume increases the idle speed outside of the tolerance range and the fault code & check engine light gets triggered.


A new hose is on order, $4! That should ‘fix-it’.

The basement wiring project has started with design & parts procurement completed. It’s going to occupy my time for the next few weekends, so the ‘Fix-It’ garage has become a ‘Fix-It’ basement. So far the new load centre is installed and I have started running conduit and mounting boxes. Hopefully it will all be finished by January 2nd when a Spitfire is arriving for a gearbox removal. We will be trying to determine the cause of the non-releasing clutch so it can be fixed. Meanwhile stay warm & rest.

-- Steve Skegg

CMGC Project Car
Club Car Work In Progress!

Well the Project GT received its long awaited license plates & insurance. We road tested for gremlins and – after not finding anything – turned over the keys to the new owner.

I want to thank all who shared in the refurbishment of the grand MGB-GT and learned something in the venture. We had a few challenges but were able to plow through and provide the new owner with a safe drivable automobile.

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