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On 11/17 we were back in Albany, GA for more work on Bill Waller's '69 MGB. New spark wires installed, new points and condenser, jumper the battery, give it a shot of ether, and it was running for the first time in 12 years. Replace thermostat and three brake hoses (all severely clogged), bleed brakes to get them working, and then discover that the clutch disc is stuck to the flywheel and will not release. Time for some heroic efforts. Select 1st gear, crank the starter (with a little push) to get it running and chugging up the driveway. Clutch depressed, on and off throttle repeatedly, but no luck. Out in the street, clutch down on and off throttle repeatedly, lots of squeaking a chirping of the tires, but still no luck. Finally, out of time, so the stuck clutch will have to wait for another day.

Saturday 11/19 was finally play day, taking a cruise with Brits In The Valley, heading 30 miles south out of Columbus to visit Richland Distillery in Richland, Georgia, where they distill Richland Rum. This was followed by a visit to sugar cane fields (including a lunch picnic) to see where the "raw materials" for the rum come from.

Next day we were back in Columbus to borrow Phillip Clark's garage to catch up some maintenance work on my MGA. Time to repack the front brake slave cylinders and install new brake shoes. Incidentally, we found a slightly loose RF outer wheel bearing which needed to be "glued" back into the hub with Loctite 620 bearing set adhesive. I had to replace a ruptured steering rack

accordion seal which was new just 20 months and 62,000 miles back (crap replacement part). I also replaced a badly worn parking brake equalizer lever assembly on the rear axle (at least 350,000 miles in service in the past 30 years). With enough time left, we installed four new bumper overriders (which I had been carrying around since late April).

I then spent a day making a CAD drawing of the B-pillar internal brace that holds the tapping plate for the door striker on the MGA. That was a follow-up from the body sill replacement job on 2008, prompted by request from someone with the same problem now. Last official act for this month was a trip to Summit Racing Equipment in McDonough, GA (near Atlanta) to pick up a new Odyssey sealed battery and install it in the MGA (along with a new hold-down clamp and a replacement cable terminal).

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~~Barney Gaylord

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