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Chicagoland MG Club: Driveline December 2016
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Maybe it is time for someone to add the last seven years so that we’re running in-sync with our milestone (5 and 10 year) anniversaries.

In the awards presentation at our Holiday Party, I introduced a few “Original Members”: Bill Cooper, Gene & Becky Cooper, and Jake & Ann Snyder. Some were even wearing their blue Original Member name tags. Unfortunately, I forgot Jeff & Sharon Powell who where also present. The “Original Members” go back to our 20th Anniversary celebration on October 21st, 1996, at the same location where we still meet, and the same location where the first club meeting was held on October 28, 1976, Mack’s Golden Pheasant in Villa Park. (from the mid-80’s to the early-90’s the meetings traveled around but eventually returned to Mack’s) We recognized a group of members from the early years and who were (at that time) still active in the club. We presented them with a blue Original Member name tag as can be seen in this photo. Although some of the “Original Members” have passed away and we lost contact with a few, it is still interesting to see who they are and who are still actively participating in the Chicagoland MG Club. Next time you see a blue badge or recognize on of these, you know who they are and I‘m sure that they’d be happy to dig-up dome told stories.

Front row, sitting, from left to right: Calvin Barnes, Frank Ochal, and Alan Rada.
Front row, standing: Steve Alcantara (the designer of our skyline club logo), Part Amarena, Delores Cooper, Ann Snyder.
Third row: Sheri Schwingle, who was one of the co-founders of the club, Sharon Powell (can you see that they are twins?) Janice and Harald Hasselman, Mary Kay Cobb, Bruce Magers, also a co-founder, Bill Cooper, Henry Stuttley.
Back row: Chris Schwingle, Jeff Powell, Jake Snyder, Mike Cobb, Gary Maves, Richard Bair.

Other Original Members, who were not able to attend the 20th Anniversary celebration are: Tom and Sylvia Guback, Dan and Connie Ward, Mahlon and Jan Hillard, and John and Carolyn Twist.

~~ Reinout Vogt    

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