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1998 Driving Season Awards Presentation

Sunday, February 7, 1999
Superosa Italian Ristaurante

Driver Awards:
1st Place - Kelvin Palmer
2nd Place- Mike Olson
3rd Place- Joanne Trowbridge
4th Place - Kim Tonry
5th Place - Don Anderson

Navigator Awards:
1st Place - Barb McCutcheon
2nd Place- Victoria Palmer
3rd Place- Diane Tonry
4th Place - Sharon Anderson
5th Place - Curt Bork

Autocross Champion: Scott Anderson
High Score Award: Walt and Nancy Wiborg

Best T-Type Rallied: Curt Bork
Booby Prize: Lowest Score in Three Events - Mike Hirsch
Helper of the Year 1998: Mickey Joffe
Safety Fast: Mike Olson
Cream & Crackers: Shirley and Roger Goebbert
Maintaining the Breed: Jack Feldman
Ambassador-At-Large: Kim Tonry
New Member Award: David Bralich
Should Have Been a Member Award: Richard Kline
Keeping It on the Road: Ralph Arata
Trying to Get It on the Road: George Goeppner
Special Member Award: Scott Anderson
Unfinished Award: Mr. Bill "Double DNF" Hedrick

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