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1999 Vintage Racing Events to Attend


The Tracks
The tracks themselves are just as varied. The largest track in North America--and the one with the best food--is Road America (RA) at Elkhart Lake Wisconsin. It is 90 miles north of Milwaukee, and has a history dating back to 1952. That it is four miles long and situated on 600 acres of beautiful rolling hills and forest has both advantages and disadvantages. From a driver's point of view, it is a superhighway of a race course--long, wide and very fast, with flat, late apex corners, favoring cars with BIG horsepower. As a spectator, bring hiking shoes--there's a lot of ground to cover! There are many beautiful viewing spots, lots of hills and three huge paddock areas. Food and bathroom facilities are plentiful and good. With lap times between 2:20 and 3:20, it can be awhile between cars; but nothing beats the thrill of seeing a full race, 600cubic inch, Chevy powered, CanAm car crest the hill at 200 mph going into corner 5, decelerate going downhill to 45 mph, then turn back uphill under full throttle. You don't just hear it- you feel it in your bones

I think of Blackhawk Farms (BFR) as my home track. I started racing there in autocross with a bone stock MGB-GT, got my competition license there and even after all the laps I've driven, still find it fun and challenging. Located just south of the Wisconsin border, west of South Beloit, IL, it is the opposite of RA: small (it was a farm), short at 1.9 miles, narrow and twisty--just right for an MG. The facilities are much more basic, but with a charm of their own. Don't be late, though, because unlike RA, there isn't a bridge across the track; when a race is on, you'll have to wait outside the paddock until it's over. The walking distances are much shorter, the access and sight lines of the track are close up and the atmosphere is informal. Make a point to watch from corners 1, 4, 6 and if you can work it out, 7.

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