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by Scott Fohrman

The following is a list of VSCDA and MC events (as described in the previous article). I have made brief comments about some of the really special events. Let me know what else to add! I can provide my favorite routes to the tracks on request. In fact, I'd love to trade notes with you on your preferred scenic backroad paths. If there is sufficient interest, we'll print them and bring them to the next meeting.

MC weekends usually involve an autocross on Saturday (ax) and wheel to-wheel (ww) racing on Sunday. Some weekends involve a Drivers School (ds) as well. The MC schedule is still tentative as of this writing, so check before heading up. Racing occurs rain or shine (though not everybody goes out on the track).

Date Track Sponsor Event Comments
4/17-4/18 Blackhawk MC ax/ds/ww  
5/15-5/16 Blackhawk MC ax/ww  
5/14-5/16 Road Am SVRA   Badger 200 GP Long races for historic stock car, production/sedan and open wheel with a premier vintage group.
5/22-5/23 Gingerman VSCDA   Spring Brake Driver's school day and race day.
5/29-5/31 Blackhawk MC ax/ww 31st still tentative.
6/12-6/13 Gingerman MC   My club's event
6/18-6/20 Blackhawk VSCDA   Blackhawk Classic A great event. Some years has included vintage motorcycles (with vintage drivers),vintage airplanes flying overhead and lots of great cars/racing!
6/26-6/27 Blackhawk MC ax/ww  
7/9-7/11 Gingerman     Gingerman Historic
7/17-18 Blackhawk MC ax/ww  
7/22-7/25 Road Am VSCDA   Brian Redman Challenge
The BIG vintage event of the summer-- over 500 cars! See our club camping trip. Featured mark this year is Jaguar!
8/7-8 Blackhawk MC ax/ww  
8/20-22 Grattan VSCDA   Vin. GP au-Grattan A good time--see previous article.
8/21-8/22 Road Am SVRA ww Fun event but conflicting schedule with UML / au-Grattan.
8/27-8/29 Grand Rap VSCDA   West Mich. GP 2nd year for street racing thru Grand Rapids--tied to Trans-Am series--Only the best vintage cars by invitation only.
9/4-9/6 Gingerman MC ax/ww 1 day autocross, 2 days wheel-to-wheel
9/18-9/19 Blackhawk MC ax/ww
9/24-9/26 Road Am VSCDA   Vintage Fall Fest. Beautiful! The leaves are turning, frost in the morning, it's quiet and lots of track time- my favorite.
10/2-10/3 Blackhawk MC ax/ww  
10/8-10/10 IRP VSCDA   Childrenšs Vintage GP Indianapolis Raceway Park is a trip! Race is for charity--incl. trip to Indy 500 track.
10/16-17 Blackhawk MC   The Loooong Race Big wheel races by the kids, trick-or- treating to the corner stations, a nice family weekend!

Non-racing events

5/27-5/30 Champaign, IL Brit Car Fest, featuring MGB-V8's--I'm there!

6/6 UML Early Summer Party, With a "for sale" corral.

8/18-8/22 UML Summer Party, MGC is featured. Tied to au-Grattan event above.

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