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Dear Fellow Club Members,

Our tireless and enthusiastic Rallymaster, Reinout, has already started this yearıs rally events by contacting members to see if they would be willing to write a rally for the new season. I am writing this commentary to ask you to keep in mind that writing a rally requires a significant amount of time and energy. In some cases the rallymaster even absorbs some of the expenses from their own pocket. It can be a lot of fun to write a rally, but the payoff comes at the end of the day when the event has been successful and everyone has had FUN!

Part of the success factor involves a good turnout for the event. After you have put in hours and hours of your personal time, it can be a little disappointing when only a handful of cars show up. I realize that we all have vacations and obligations that take priority. Also, we realize that rallies in the past should have been scheduled away from holidays. Reinout is already on top of this past problem and is busy checking the calendar to avoid this type of conflict.

What I am asking, is for you to remember all of the work involved to write the rally when you are making the decision whether to attend or not. If you do not have a navigator, or a last minute cancellation is the reason you canıt make it, CALL THE RALLYMASTER OF THE EVENT. There is almost always a car participating without a navigator who would love the company. I sure could have used some help on last yearıs TSD rally (that rally had a very low turn out and was one of the most scenic and perfect weather rallies I have ever been on). If your car is not running , or if you just would like to participate call the event rallymaster and tell him/her that you are available. That is the point of belonging to the club!

Finally, I am asking you to remember the amount of effort and work involved to organize and write a rally. Please do not let weather, distance, or type of rally be the primary factor(s) in your decision whether to attend or not. All of these events are specifically designed for YOU to have fun. That is what driving your MG is all about, right? So, how can you have fun if YOUıRE NOT THERE?

Safety Fast, Larry Czachor

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