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Tech Session Report

by Dennis Trowbridge

Twelve people braved the bad roads caused by an early March snowstorm to attend this yearšs Al Piemonte tech session. Once again Russ Casolari obtained the use of the Piemonte service department for the session. This year however we had to share the shop with a large number of trucks and cars being worked on. The service department is now open on Saturdays unlike in past years. We had a service bay sandwiched between a 1954 end loader and a Corvette. John MacLean and Dave Bralich led the session this year. They planned on tearing down and rebuilding a four synchro MGB gearbox that came out of Davešs š76 MGB. Most of the people attending had never seen the insides of any gearbox before. All the gears, forks and rods can be a scary sight for the first time. Ray Glorioso explained how all the gears worked together to create the various gear ratios used. Barney Gaylord explained the operation of the synchro rings and how they helped the driver from grinding gears. Russ brought along a broken ring so everyone could see what happens when you jam a gear without your brain engaged first. As the gearbox was disassembled the parts were examined for wear. Ray Glorioso had a wonderful time with the parts washer cleaning everything as it was removed. Not surprisingly, parts were worn and found to be in need of replacement. The layshaft and rear bearing were worn and had to be replaced as was the reverse gear that Dave knew about. We didnšt have all these parts on hand so another session will be held later to rebuild the gearbox. After everything was cleaned up we adjourned to Portillošs on North Avenue for lunch.

(Editoršs note: Dave plans on reassembling the gearbox on Sunday, April 25th in his garage in Streamwood at 10:30am. Spectators are welcome. Confirm with Dave Bralich at 630-289-7915.)

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