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Name That MG

by Dennis Trowbridge

For the first time since I was sick I have my own MGB back on the road. This '76 MGB comes to me by a rather circuitous route. My wife Joanne bought the rolling bodyshell from John Mageria before we were married, and later gave it to her brother John. Just before I got sick we restored the car and John used it as his daily driver. Three years on the city streets of Chicago everyday took a rather hard toll on the car. The left front fender was bashed one night by an unknown party, and last year John smashed the right side of the car avoiding a kid who ran out into the street. The right side was a mess and some damage was done to the steering as well. After a winter of sitting out in an open parking lot all manner of problems presented themselves. The lights didn't work, but the engine would start when you hit the light switch.

John, Joanne, and I got the MG running and we took it over to Dave Bralich's to work on it in his garage. Beside Dave's '76 we started stripping off parts and repairing things. One of the jobs I wanted to do was lower the car back to chrome bumper height. I decided to change the front crossmember to do this rather than use the lowering kits on the market. After all I like getting a Jack under the car without having to jack it up first! We got the car back together for the Utica driving school.

Now here is the problem. We need a name for my Pageant blue MGB. When we put the car back together we used parts from about twenty different MG's to do it. That is right, twenty different cars! I need a name or a license plate that bears witness to this recycling of parts. Who said the Car hobby couldn't be green? (Editoršs note: The name "Frankenstien" comes to mind.)

Please call me with your suggestions or write me:

Dennis Trowbridge
1210 McCameron Ave.
Lockport, IL 60441.

I promise to come up with some kind of totally worthless prize for the winner to clutter up their home or garage with.

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