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The Rally Corner

by Reinout Vogt

I donıt have to remind you that it is here Š Do I ? The 1999 Driving Season I mean. Weıve had several very nice top down days already, the Utica Driving School and the Spring Rally where the first driving events of the year, and there is so much more to come.

The very cold and windy Utica Driving School was a great success. Elsewhere in this issue youıll find a full report on the event, I just want to show some of the calculated results. The 14 drivers improved the average time (2 laps with flying start and finish) by 6.:41 Seconds. (from 1:16.69 to 1:10.28) The most improved driver, Dave Benni cut his time by 11.93 while Bill Mennell shaved off only 2.03 seconds. That is not to say that he was a bad driver/student. It just shows that he was already a very fast driver (second place) when we started.

Weıll report on the Spring Rally in next issue, so I only have to remind you about the June 6th Utica Autocross. This event will be very special because not only will our regular ŒRacersı and the Club Championship contenders participate, we will also see a collection of Chicagoland T-Types as we never hosted together before. George Goeppner coordinates members street cars and several specialized T-Type racers. Please call him at (708) 460-4982 if you own or know of one of these great old MGıs. We will have a separate T-Type class for them and I can only urge you to come and see the spectacle of these MGıs, being driven the way Cecil Kimber had in mind ŒSafety Fastı. (that is if you not already planned to be there to participate yourself). Please see the ad for details about the event. It promises to be great !

See you at an event or in the next newsletter and remember, "Drive It"

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