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by Ray Glorioso

On April 19, 1999 a survey sheet was handed out at the Chicagoland MG Club meeting. No count of the number of people present was made but 37 people/families filled out and returned the survey sheet. No names were asked for, just the number of cars owned and their make, model, year and operational status. Thatıs statistical speak for whether its running or not. Every respondent of the survey, now to be known as ROS, now owns an MG and all but three have at least one running. The ROS group represents 81 MG automobiles 54 which can be driven. (I get a feeling that some of the 27 non-runners are small, titled piles of rust.) The second most popular car origin is American with 30 cars represented 28 running. The rest in decreasing popularity are: Japanese 20 cars - 17 runners, non-MG British 8 cars - 4 running, German 4 cars with 2 runners, Swedish 1 runner, Italian 1 runner. Further, the 37 ROS own, at this time, 138 automobiles. One ROS included his Norton which added interest to the compiling of the data but was not added to the results. This is an average of 3.7 cars per ROS. The average year of all the cars is 1980.47. The oldest being a 1946 and the newest a 1999. What could all these numbers mean? I will draw the following conclusions, if you can find any better ones write me in care of the Driveline.

MY Conclusions:

  1. Italian and Swedish cars are the most durable (100% running)
  2. Italian and Swedish are just as reliable
  3. Motorcycles donıt count
  4. MG and other British makes are about as durable (50% running)
  5. German and British cars are just as reliable (50% running)
  6. American cars are more reliable than Japanese cars (93% and 85% running)

Finally, a typical Chicagoland MG Car Club family owns 3.73 cars of model year 1980.47, 2.19 of those cars are MGıs, .73 that donıt run, .81 are American, .52 are Japanese, .2 are other British, and .1 are German. This survey is correct to +/- one Norton.

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