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Any aspiring "Newsletter Editors" out there?

by Kelvin Palmer

Well, this June 1999 issue of the Driveline marks the start of my third year as newsletter editor for the Chicagoland MG Club. I'd like everyone to give some thought to the future. I'm in no hurry to rush off but I want to plant the seed for others to consider taking over the job.

At the time our previous editor, Kim Tonry, was looking for a replacement, I was interested in learning more about desktop publishing. I had been exposed to both basic graphic arts procedures and computers for years while running my business but never had a good reason to jump into the 20th Century techniques of using personal computers, scanners and software to perform these publishing tasks. My experience with learning new things has been that unless you give yourself new problems to solve, you will never learn the solutions.

I've learned a great deal and have appreciated the opportunity. I've also enjoyed being in the position of "knowing" everything that is going on or being planned for the club. I can't do this forever so I hope someone else has the desire to either learn and enjoy these same skills or to just steer the CMGC newsletter in their own different direction. Change is good in a club environment and I'm ready to help someone change it again.

The support I've had from the contributors to the Driveline has been tremendous. The few articles I've written myself were done because I wanted to, not because I needed to fill space. My editor's job has been what I had hoped: That of an assembler, rather than a writer or reporter. Others in the club have been very generous with their reports, views, plans, knowledge, photos and their desire to share them with all of us. I'm sure that would continue with any successor.

If you have interest please let me know and I'll give you all the support needed to get you started. My home phone is 847-945-8915. Feel free to call me at work at 847-965-9191. EMAIL:

P.S. to all you newer club members: I took on this Editor's job after being a CMGC member for less than a year. This is probably the fastest way I can think of to meet and get to know many other club members and to be included in the core of club business.

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