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Spring Rally Report

by Amy Hammond & Scott Anderson

The Last Spring Rally of the Century
How to Watch Out for DIRTY Rally Tricks

This year's Spring Rally could not have been held on a better day. As we pulled into the Clark station on Route 47 and North Avenue at 11:00 about a dozen cars were already there on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. Quite a turnout. I guess everyone is eager to get their cars on the road this summer. Our recently purchased 1973 MGB is making its club debut. We couldn't be more excited. Curt Bork and his daughter Taylor organized the registration and drivers meeting, and had the first car off right on time at 11:45.

As we waited our turn in the starting line we start to notice some cars pulling left out of the lot and others going right. Are we all getting separate directions? Pretty tricky. We are the tenth car in line out of twenty. As we pull up to receive our rally directions and clues we get the warning "read the instructions carefully". Of course, being the experienced rally competitors we are, we would have done that anyway. (After all, we did compete in this rally last year.)

As we carefully read the instructions we get to the infamous instruction #3: Any instruction that directs you to turn north, south, east, or west, should be interpreted and followed oppositely. Ah Ha! Start crossing off all the directions and writing the opposite, so we won't get confused. We are so smart! (I'm just grateful Curt finished 2nd in the rally around Lake Michigan!)

As we continue reading the instructions (quickly now, there are cars waiting!) we get to #6: Disregard all instructions, directions, or clues that have the number 3 as the last or only digit.

Good thing we brought a pencil!

And off we go... Our first clue was answered as we exited the parking lot (Hint: get a navigator with eyes like a hawk). As we continue through the rally course, skipping direction 3, 13, 23, etc., we are feeling pretty proud of ourselves. It is at this moment of enlightenment that we reminisce on last years Spring Chicken Rally. We were in the same good spirits and proud of our progress and finished the rally-dead last.

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