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Spring Rally Report (continued)

The Last Spring Rally of the Century (continued)

Back to reality, pay attention. What's the next clue? What number would you call for top soil? There's the sign. 844-DIRT. (But, as everyone knows D-I-R-T is not a number) Quick, erase that. Try 844-3478. Through the green gates? Right on the sign: Cloonlara Farms. (little did we know the answer "an empty field" would suffice. So much for being specific.) Double around the block to count bird condominiums.

As we enter Batavia we see a parking lot filled with convertibles. As we turn towards downtown we see the streets being closed off right behind us. All of a sudden our little red MGB is leading a parade through downtown Batavia! What do you do? Watch the temperature gauge and wave.

As the twelve MGs that were behind us get rerouted around the parade, we manage to stay on course. As we look for our last couple clues, we are still feeling pretty good about our progress (and our luck mechanically).

As we pull in the finish at Roosters Bar & Grill more than half the cars are there. We passed at least four cars. Did the parade slow us down? We did make a couple wrong turns. Did we miss something? Oh well. We turn in our answer sheet and head in for a couple well deserved beers and chicken dinner. We were proud to finish.

As the results are read in reverse order we know we are in the top five. As Don and Sharon are awarded third place, we know we beat them. (Our true goal from the beginning.) Second place to Kelvin and Vickie Palmer! We did it! Dead last place last year to first place this year!

Everyone had a great time and the weather cooperated. Special thanks to Curt Bork for organizing this event. I encourage everyone to come out to as many events as possible. It's a lot of fun, and a great way to enjoy your MG with friends.

Scott & Amy

P.S.: Unfortunately this may be our last event of the century due to a broken connecting rod on the way home from Wisconsin

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