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The Rally Corner

by Reinout Vogt

Only a few words this time. The Spring Rally really enjoyed one of the nicest Sundays of the year. What a turnout, 20 teams, beautiful weather and an excellent route from Curt Bork. This was the kind of Sunday that every old motorcycle, antique car, summer ride, sport car, or chopper bike comes out of storage for its first pre-season shake down ride. You would almost take your lawn chair and cooler and go to the main intersection in town to watch this rolling museum of hobby vehicles drive by. You know that summer has arrived. The Spring Rally definitely deserves a special report, I will limit myself to the Club Championship Standings.

Drivers   Navigators  
Anderson, Scott 10 Hammond, Amy 10
Palmer, Kelvin 9 Palmer, Vicki 9
Anderson, Don 8 Anderson, Sharon 8
Trowbridge, Dennis 7 Trowbridge, Joanne 7
Tonry, Kim 6 Tonry, Diane 6
O'Conner, Kerry 5 McIlvan, Patty 5
Bork, Curt 5 Vogt, Henneke 4
Vogt, Reinout 4 VanTassle , Madge 4
McIlvan, Jack 3 Arata, Susan 3
Czachor, Larry 2 Josefek, Judy 2
VanTassle, Ray 1 Benni, Sue 1
Arata, Ralph 1 Goebbert, Shirley 1
Josefek, Tom 1 Hanson, Mary 1
Benni, Dave 1
Goebbert, Roger 1
Selan, Steve 1
Goodman, Jerry 1
Daniels, Larry 1
Yeager, Bud 1

As you can see, a couple of new teams this year; Joanne is has contracted Dennis this year to try to regain the Club Championship, while Scott Anderson and Amy really got off to a good start. Hopefully we will see some of the newer names in the standings back at one of the next events.

MGreetings and see you at an event or in the next newsletter and remember, "Drive It"

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