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by Jim Evans

KINGPIN REAMER. Our inventory of specialized tools now includes an MGB KINGPIN REAMER. Our thanks to MOSS MOTORS for their generosity in donating this item to the club and especially to Ken Smith at Moss for his involvement. This is a delicate item that must be used correctly to avoid damaging it, so we will be especially diligent in ensuring that it is used correctly and returned in good condition. The reamer is stored at Jim Evans' shop.. you can even plan to use it there if you call ahead.

ENGINE HOIST. After many years of service our hoist was reported by some club members to be a little weak in lifting ability. A professional repair service has now replaced some of the seals and other components, and the hoist is now back to normal.

PLASMA CUTTER. The plasma cutter is alive and well and is currently in use by this correspondent for an MGB rocker-dogleg-etc. replacement project. This is the first time I've actually used it for anything more than a demo and I am very impressed with it. The unit does require a strong compressor PSI and strong 110V -15 amp current feed to operate correctly, and it is definitely not to be confused with a Jedi light- sabre or the more traditional hot-knife-through-butter. However, as with any good tool, when used correctly it is an excellent aid to the process of removing and trimming sheet metal. And, Yes - it's true, the paint is not even bubbled or charred along the cut made by a plasma cutter.!

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