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The Rally Corner

by Reinout Vogt

Since the last Driveline update, two events with Championship points took place. Unfortunately business travel didn't allow me to participate in either one and I must leave the reporting to someone else. I think that it is very important to have, even a short, report on every rally or autocross. The participated deserve to get mentioned and recognized for their efforts and achievements. And, those who didn't participate should be informed about what they missed... what a chance to drive their MG did they pass... what an opportunity to get to know these fellow members and MG enthusiast, etc., etc. Only if those of us who do enjoy the driving events write and tell about them, recommending them and spreading the news, can we expect those who stayed home this time, to change their mind and come out the next time around.

The Utica Autocross and the Lands End Rally results have been reconciled in these overall CMGC Championship standings. For Utica, we had actually three classes, T-Types, Standard and Modified MGs. Each class has the maximum amount of points (5) available, and therefore so may drivers accumulate additional scores. As can be seen, in general, the key to a high standing is participating in as many events as possible. One high score by itself is not going to make you the Champ. Therefore I hope to see many of you at the next Rally, the Lucas Memorial Night Rally. A Classic on our calendar. The Miataís almost outnumbered us last year, hopefully we can do better and remember Dave Tucker holds two records; one for the slowest and one for the quickest rally results computations. Last year was the quickest, and there is no reason to expect that he canít repeat that again. It just promises to be a good time.

MGreetings and see you at Lucas Memorial Night Rally or in the next newsletter and remember,

, "Drive It"

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