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The Steering Column

by Maynard Hirsch

At the last meeting, the possibility of the CMGC hosting a late summer party to replace John Twist's event was discussed. Suprisingly to me, the discussion became very polarized, with some very good points made on both sides.

Arguments for the event were that Twist's stopping would leave a void, and the CMGC is the only group that has the resources to host the event. Also, hosting the event would be in line the club's charter to promote the enjoyment of MGs.

The main argument against hosting such an event was that it would replace the Abingdon weekend. To many members, the Abingdon weekend is a homecoming of sorts, a place to meet old friends, to renew acquaintances and to just let your hair down and relax.

At the board meeting last week, after listening to debate, the board decided to authorize the committee to spend up to $2500 to organize and promote a limited event, for one year. Now before anyone gets upset over the loss of the Abingdon weekend, here is the rest of the story.

Abingdon as we know it, at least for the duration of the summer event, is over. But the idea is not. Abingdon has a lot going for it, but despite all the traditions, there has been some staleness. While the committee has not yet been formed, the idea is in place to replace Abingdon with an end of season weekend that will be held elsewhere. Hopefully this will keep the traditions alive, but will freshen up the event..

Safety Fast,

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