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Tales of the Mongrel
by Ralph Arata

"Mongrel Goes Racing" (part II)

>I was thinking of writing an short story about the "MGB vs. Prozac" which would have been a story about MGs and stress control for those of us in the middle of our mid-life crisis. However, the last Fathers Day with my family out of town (believe it or not I missed going on vacation with them due to issues at work - yeah, talk about stress!) so with not much to do I went to Utica and raced....well, motor crossed.

Motor crossing at Utica!! Talk about taking your mind off all those stupid things that make you wake up at 3 in the morning and concentrating on the important things in life like pitting yourself against car and track. Yeah, Utica was even better this time around (vs. 3 years ago which I believe was the last time we were there)! Approximately 25 die-hard enthusiasts showed for the racing event.

Last time I wrote about Utica (3 years ago) I talked about how amazing it is to test yourself and your MG. . . learning the road, the capabilities of both car and driver, and the physics of taking a turn. How something so simple can be so exciting!

This year I drove again but I also found myself in the bleachers watching. Just watching! Seeing the "other guy" does as well as the very apparent differences in the cars (you see the full spectrum of stock vs. "prepared") is an interesting experience in its own right.

Utica was fun (again) and I'm glad to see the it back!! Siemens is coming up in August and for those who are thinking about it the only thing I say is "DO IT!"

Safety Fast!

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