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North Shore Rally Report
by Ron and Robin Borok

The North Shore Rally was held on Sunday, July 5th without a cloud in sight. The best weather for any type of rally, if you don't mind a little sunscreen on your body. The only unfortunate part of this rally that only had 4 MGB's were there to share the beautiful weather.

This was a TSD rallye and the first non-gimmick North Shore rallye in its 5-year history with Joanne Trowbridge as co-rallye master. Barb McCutchen was the other co-rallye master (still awaiting insurance settlements from the Lands End Rallye).

This year's rallye started at the Rockland Café in Lake Bluff at 12:00. The course of the drive started west into the rural Lake County and I believe may have gone slightly into rural McHenry County before exiting Illinois and going into beautiful Wisconsin. Unfortunately for a TSD rallye there were no posted speed limit signs on the rural roads in Wisconsin. If you drive on the rural routes in Wisconsin notice that the routes are letter combinations (MB, JB, B, C, BB). I don't know about others but we were able to come up with interesting names using the letter combinations. The countryside including cows, horses and barns were all scenic. A good time was had by all.

Although we were awarded the first place trophy, we don't completely believe that we could have won this TSD rallye (our first TSD). Robin and I kind of think it was just a way to have us write the summary for the Driveline. Please note that we never won a rallye before and were informed of our responsibility as we were leaving after the rallye.

North Shore Rally Results:

  1. Ron Borok/Robin Borok
  2. Kelvin Palmer/Vicki Palmer
  3. Larry Czachor/(no navigator)
  4. Rich Klein/Mike Olson

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