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The Rally Corner
by Reinout Vogt

Did I sub-title last Rally Corner as the easiest one? Then I predict that this will be the shortest Rally Corner. The reason is that not much happened on the Rally front.

Lets start with the good news first; nobody complained about the points and standings for the Club Championships. Complete results were also available at the June club meeting hardly any questions arose there either.

The bad news is that the only driving event in this past period was to take place Sunday August 2nd. However, for an autocross, one needs cones and unfortunately they did not arrive in time. We informed most of the (regular) autocross participants, by phone the evening before, that we canceled the event. I was at Siemens from 8:30 to 11:30 AM and only Ray Glorioso appeared. We apologize if you showed up in vain later and hope that you will all plan on coming to a re-scheduled Siemen's Autocross. Since September has already three club events, I think we'll do it October 11. See this newsletter for confirmation.

The next event then becomes the Lucas Memorial Night Rally, traditionally a very well organized, fun event with a very large turn out. Rally Master Dave Tucker has some good ideas, and promised to apply the conventional scoring system so the results and trophies may be expected immediately following the finish. See you all on September the 5th.

And as always; looking at the car in the garage over the winter is OK, working and cleaning the car in the spring is fine too, running errands or commuting to work in the summer is great, but nothing beats driving your MG together with so many other MG's in your CMGC driving events.

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