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British Car Festival
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Maynard Hirsch, Diana Gonzales, Steven Selan and Sharon Anderson called the meeting to order at 8:05 P.M.
50 members were present
6 new members attended the meeting.

Around The Lake Grand Tour:
Don & Scott Anderson were proud to announce the largest turnout for this event, ever, with 18 cars participating including seven cars from the CMGC. Several club members received recognition for finishing.

University Motors 22nd Summer Party:
Club Secretary Steve Selan reported on another successful event thrown by John Twist. Approximately 50 club members were in attendance, including four who drove up for Saturday's car show. A special round of applause went out to Sharon Anderson, Diana & Oscar Gonzales, and Maynard Hirsch for their efforts in preparing a delicious lunch and plenty of beer for all the members in attendance. At the evening's award banquet, 16 members were awarded prizes, including four first-place trophies. A complete listing of all the awards is found elsewhere in this Driveline.


Siemens Autocross
Now rescheduled for Sunday October 11th, it will be hosted by Reinout Vogt. The reason for the reschedule was the lack of cones needed to run the event. We have been advised that the cones have now arrived, and the Autocross will go ahead as scheduled..

Homepage Editor:
Scott Anderson was proud to announce that the homepage is up and running at Anyone wishing to assist him can contact him at home. The site looks professional and it is something we are all proud of. It was decided that the membership directory would not be published on the homepage. However, members' e-mail addresses will be listed. If you have an e-mail address, please contact the webmaster via the homepage so you can be added to the list.

Membership Roster:
Club Secretary Steve Selan has reported that work is well underway in the production of a new, improved, and expanded membership roster. In order to help offset the cost of production, ad pages will be solicited and sold for car and car-related businesses. Maynard Hirsch will handle all requests for ads. Contact him directly if you wish to place an ad.

Parts Needed
Club member Phil Black has put out an all-points bulletin for a rib case trans for a '71 Midget 1275. Anyone willing to part with one should contact Phil at (630) 887-0939.

The Abingdon Weekend: September 25-27
As reported by event organizer, Jim Evans, this year's Abingdon Weekend will be a special event which will include the first running of the Abingdon Trials, i.e., 500-mile double-12 endurance rally organized by Bill Hedrick and Kim Tonry. For the first time in several years, the city of Abingdon will close off their "downtown" area to allow us to run an autocross on the streets for the amusement of the locals. If you've never participated in this type of event, you have a treat awaiting you! Jim informed us that this year the club caravan leaving Friday will be taking a new route. Be sure to contact him for further instructions.

Lucas Night Rally
Dave Tucker announced that preparations for the rally, now scheduled for September 5th , are well underway. He guarantees it to be an interesting event. The results will be announced before the evening is over. The Chicago Miata Club has been invited to participate. Drivers meeting will be at 6 P.M. at the Splash Car Wash on 95th Street in Oak Lawn. The event will be 30 miles long with one checkpoint. More information here.

Invitation from the Miata Club
The Windy City Miata Club has invited us to participate in their Utica Autocross on September 13, 1998. The event starts at 9:45 A.M. Let's get out there to show them what a real sports car looks like.

British Car Festival, September 13.
Diana Gonzales, Club representative to the BCU needs volunteers to work the car show scheduled for September 13th They are expecting close to 900 cars including British motorcycles. The Club tent will be up. We will be soliciting new membership. Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend. The event is held in the parking lot of Oakton Community College, just west of 294 on Golf in Des Plaines. For additional info, or to volunteer call Diana at (708) 425-6288.

50-50 Raffle
Was won by Ann Snyder, Mike Hirsch, and Dave Mullis.

Evening Program
Due to the length of the business meeting, no special program was conducted.

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