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Maynard Hirsch, Diana Gonzales, and Steven Selan called the meeting to order at 8:10 P.M with 47 members present, including new member Tom Schmidt and Lost Sheep John Oades making a surprise guest appearance.


Lucas Night Rally:
Reinout Vogt was chagrined to announce that the Miatas outnumbered MGs 12 to 10 at the August 7th Nigh Rally. He speculated that the rainy weather lessened the turnout of MGs since we value our cars more than the Miata Club. In any event, he commended Dave Tucker for his well-organized and well-run rally. The scoring, which was completed that evening, indicated that Kim and Diane Tonry came in first, Team Anderson came in second, and Joann Bukovsky came in third.

Abingdon 2000:
Jim Evans advised the membership that planning for Abingdon 2000 is well under way. Postcards will be placed in the packets handed out at Twist's Last Summer Party. A preliminary schedule of events has been planned with events scheduled starting Friday afternoon and concluding with a Sunday picnic. Volunteers are desperately needed. Please contact Jim. The officers of the Club wish to thank the following members for their hard work on the Planning Committee: John MacLean, Dennis and Joanne Trowbridge, Diana Gonzales, Jim Evans, Don Anderson, Mike Hirsch, and Reinout Vogt.

Summer Party 2000:
The sub-committee, organized to investigate the possibility of the Club taking over the Twist Summer Party, met and gave its recommendations to the Board of Directors. Jim Evans presented the Committee's position that the Club should attempt to coordinate the Summer Party with the Annual Abingdon Weekend combining both events on the traditional third weekend of August. Maynard Hirsch, Club President announced that the club had authorized $2,500.00 for initial expenses to organize and advertise the year 2000 event. Maynard also advised that several members had voiced concern regarding combining both events and suspending the traditional late fall get together. He has promised to explore an alternative site for that traditional event. We are looking for someone to take over and organize this late Fall get together. If you are interested, please contact Maynard.


Curt Bork announced that he had brought 100 defective grill badges to the meeting. Unfortunately, the color and the shape of the badge were incorrect. The badges were shown to the membership, and in a close vote of those present (with 21 in favor of returning the badges for correction and 19 in favor of retaining the badges), those stinking badges were returned for correction.

UML '99 Summer Party:
Maynard Hirsch advised that he was organizing three caravans to Twist's leaving Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Diana Gonzales indicated that volunteers were still needed to help with the picnic lunch at the Car Show on Saturday. Bill and Deb Mennell graciously volunteered to work the Membership Table to sign up prospective new members.

Ronald McDonald House:
Walt Wiborg informed the Club that McDonald's will be raffling a'56 T-Bird with the proceeds going to the Ronald McDonald Home. Tickets at $2.00 each can be purchased by calling 559-224-1280. The raffle is scheduled for September 25th. This is a worthy cause; please support it.

Eat Your Heart Out:
Dave Mullis informed the Club that he and his wife had just returned from three weeks in Australia where they had the opportunity to rent the new MGF. His opinion was that while the car drove better than any A or B, at $35,000 (Australian) it's a car to rent--not to buy. Dave brought back brochures for the Club, which were given out at the 50-50 Raffle.

British Car Festival (September 12, 1999):
Dave Bralich advised that the BCU still needs a few volunteers to help work traffic control on that date. Call Dave at 630-289-7915 if you can help for a half-hour. Bill and Deb Mennell will also need some help working the Club table signing up new members. Stop by the tent and lend a hand.

Abingdon '99:
Jim Evans...last event of its type, Jumers has been remodeled. Caravan leaves Friday. Car Show and Gymkana are Saturday. Beer in the bathtub is Saturday night. Make your reservations now. Rooms are going fast. If you find that our block of rooms has been sold out, call Jim, and he will use his muscle to get you in.

NAMGBR General Annual Meeting:
Jake and Ann Snyder informed the Club that this year's general meeting will be held in St. Paul on October 23, 1999. Anyone interested in attending can contact them for further information.

50-50 Raffle:
Won by Oscar Gonzales.

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