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The Steering Column

by Maynard Hirsch

As the end of the driving season nears, I think back over the season. Lots of good news. Mr. Bill finally got a well deserved first place in the Lake Michigan endurance trial. The club did well at the last University Motors picnic. There were plenty of successful events. But more importantly, we were out driving the cars.

What is on tap for the future? Elections are coming up. If you are interested in running for an office, please contact a member of the board. Also, there are still several driving events scheduled. I urge every member to plan to attend Abingdon and the Siemens Autocross. There will be a tune-down party to get the cars ready for winter.

Speaking of winter, now is the time to plan the projects you want to do with the cars. Order parts now so that there will be no waiting later on, and this will also allow you to make plans if something is not available. This way your car will be ready for spring.

Safety Fast,


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