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Last year the club made a charitable cash contribution to the Mercy Home for Boys, near downtown Chicago. While touring their facility at that time, I noticed many of the younger boys, 10-15 years old, seemed to build models. Their rooms had model cars, and model airplanes hanging from the ceiling. It occurred to me then that perhaps we could do something to encourage this hobby at Mercy Home. So, at the October club meeting, we'll have a model expo like we did 2 years ago. Only this time, I'm asking that members bring a model car, plane, or ship to the meeting to be donated to Mercy Home in the name of the Chicagoland MG Club. No club treasury funds are being requested. Many of us grew up building plastic model kits, and some of us still do. This would be a great way to provide encouragement and support to these kids, and also to recognize the Mercy Home for Boys for the wonderful work they are doing. So bring your MG models to the October meeting, and also a plastic kit for our donation!

George Goeppner

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