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Halloween Rally

Sunday,November 7th

Dear Members,

This year's Halloween Rally promises to be much different from the typical "Gimmick" style rallies. I call this year's rally a "Compass-Odometer" style rally. Participants will be given a choice as to the degree of difficulty in which to follow the route. The first and more difficult set of instructions will consist of turns indicated by a compass heading at a specified distance. ( I.E., drive 3.7 miles turn N) Choosing these set of instructions will be rewarded with a substantial increase in point total. The simpler route instructions will consist of the standard right and left turns, street names, etc. Whichever set of instructions you choose I guarantee a very pleasant drive. The route is predominately on very scenic rural roads, with a couple of fun MG roads (as in suggested speeds in curves) as well. If you would like to experience a new style of rally, you can purchase a decent car compass at Pep Boys for under fifteen dollars. Of course, a functioning odometer is a must.

The rally begins at the RED GATE WOODS Forest Preserve, on IL 171, approximately 1.5 miles east of route 83. Registration at 11 AM, drivers meeting at 11:30 AM, and first car off at 12 noon.

Rally fee is $7.00 per car.

I hope to see you November 7th!

Safety Fast,

Larry Czachor - Rallymaster, (708) 594-1269

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