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Tales of the Mongrel

by Ralph Arata

Ode to the Summer of Œ99. . . The Landıs End Rally!

The "B" looked good and the "B" ran great,
It was off to Landıs End, donıt want to be late!

We got to the start point, 30 teams made the toast,
Josefek held court - the rallyıs host!!

Drivers meeting - get directions, histograms made the route,
250 miles of back roads, our MGs would shoot!

Weather sunny, trees were, my "bride" by my side,
Does it get any better, I doubt it, eyes wide.

250 miles from Chicago to the Don Q -
country side and green beauty, all for the select few. . . the ralliers!!

Work Tomıs directions, got to get there,
arrows and Xıs , some questions that scare!

Through the hills, over streams, past farms, all is well. . .
Damn it green, life is good, is that glycol I smell??

Hot brakes, warm sun, cool breeze, just canıt wait,
At the midpoint, Judy waits, grilling lunch, man, she is great!!

Move on to second half, the scenery shoots by,
We get lost, and back track, no clue as to why. . . and donıt care!!

There is no care in the whole world wide, just the road and my "B",
and my bride....oh, my! What am I saying?

Could there be more to this than the car and the road,
The club or the scenery, other secrets, untold?

Landıs End was A reason for Susan and I,
to spend the day together. . . and an evening,oh, my!

Working as a team, husband and wife -
had time together (no kids), thatıs life!

Great dinner that night, and good people we know,
Tom and Judy worked hard - what a great show!!

Damn, this is great, in every way,
and weıll do again, one year from this day!!

For those of you who are reading this "ode",
my message is this!

If you have not rallied before, the weather was here,
The club was poised, wasnıt nothing to fear.

Show up one Saturday - the sky will be bright,
The "Club" will be there - MGıs all in sight!

Read the directions and follow the "host",
And from this day you will get the most,

Of a great day, be relaxed, in your little MG,
"The force will be with you", and youıll need it, youıll see!

Roses are red and violets a bore,
Thatıs all there is, there ainıt anymore!!

©1999 Chicagoland MG Club, All rights reserved.