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Diana Gonzales, Steven Selan and Sharon Anderson called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m. 47 members including three new members being present, Robert Weir, Paul Ekhart, and Bob Krueger.


Twists Final Summer Party:
Ray Glorioso reported a huge turnout for the final summer party including 65 members from our club. Everyone spoke nostalgically about the event. CMGC members took home their fair share of the trophies at the car show. Everyone appreciated the hard work put on by the volunteers at the picnic. Club members Bill Hedrick and Kim Tonry won first place in the Around the Lake Rally.

Just Brits BBQ:
It was reported that Ed Kaler had only a small turnout with 9 people attending this rescheduled event over the Labor Day weekend. Ml who attended had a truly enjoyable day. The club wishes to thank Ed for his hospitality in the true MG spirit.

BCU Meet:
David Bralich reported that the September 12th, BCU meet was another highly successful event with over 780 cars having been registered that day. The weather held until it rained in the late afternoon. He thanked all of the volunteers who helped to put on the show with a special thank you to Bill and Deb Mennell who worked the club sign up tent, and for convincing 15 new enthusiasts to join our club. This event will be held at the same location next year.


Curt Bork advised that the 100 defective grill-badges had been returned and that the replacement badges should be available by the next meeting on October 18. He is also taking orders for name tags.

Abingdon '99:
Jim Evans advised that 35 couples have already signed up and that most rooms are already spoken for. This will be our last traditional Abingdon event since next year it will be combined with the late Augnst Summer Party as "Abingdon 2000". Jim thanked Barney Gaylord who will be setting up the autocross in downtown Abingdon. Jim will be leading the traditional caravan leaving from his shop in Naperville on Friday, October 1, 1999 at 9:30 a.m.

Siemens Autocross:
Reinout Vogt announced that the Autocross is now scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. in the Siemens parking lot on October 17, 1999. The facility is located North of the I-90 on Barrington Road. There will be several practice runs followed by timed runs. Trophies will be presented at the conclusion of the event. This event does count towards the driver's championship.

Abingdon 2000:
David Bralich announced that plans are well underway for this major event. The committee has been meeting every two weeks. We have already received over 60 positive responses from the contact cards passed out at Twists. We are still looking for volunteers to work on the six committees which will be running the event. These committees are as follows: (1) car show, (2) events, (3) location/hotel, (4) registration, (5) Regalia, (6) Public relations & Advertising. Contact Dave to volunteer.

Fall Tune Down Party:
November 14, 1999 at Jim Evans Merlin Muffler, Naperville, Illinois. Be there or your car may not start in the Spring!!.

50-50 Raffle:
Was won by Steven Selan, who promptly spent all the money on his MG.

New Driveline Editor:
Steve Hill graciously agreed to take over the position of newsletter editor from Kelvin Palmer who will be stepping down. Everyone, especially Kelvin, expressed relief that our fine publication will be in such capable hands. The entire Club wishes to thank Kelvin for his fine work and dedication over the past several years. Steve will have big shoes to fill.

Nominations for New Club Officers:
Diana Gonzales announced that all Club offices will be up for election in November. Nominations will be made at the Annual October Birthday Meeting. If you wish to be nominated for an office, contact Club Secretary, Steve Selan who will place your name in nomination.

Note: cake and champagne will be served at the next meeting. Try to make it!!

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