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The Steering Column

by Kelvin Palmer

Kelvin Palmer here. Maynard needed to take a break from his normal column this month (regrettably explained here) so I am using the space to sign off as your DRIVELINE editor. Itšs been great fun and certainly allowed for me to meet and get to know many of you faster than I would have otherwise.

WE HAVE A VOLUNTEER! Steve Hill, a newer member of the club, has volunteered to take over the duties as your new DRIVELINE editor. Steve is fully equipped with the computer hardware, software and skills to jump right in. I trust that Steve will enjoy the same enthusiastic input from the DRIVELINE contributors that I have had. I had intended to collaborate with Steve this month on the preparation of this issue. The Abingdon weekend and family obligations the following weekend have made it necessary for me to finish this issue quickly without his help. I expect youšll see the results of Stevešs input starting in November.

Safety Fast,


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