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Carburetor Swap - March 31, 2001
Changing a single 1-3/4 inch Zenith-Stromberg
to twin 1-1/2 inch SU's

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Okay, so maybe the sawzall is faster. Hang in there, this will only take a minute. We could be in Vegas. Lots of slots. Now to get that pesky left mount spaced up enough so the new carbs and air cleaners will clear the brake booster. Another trip underneath to put the bottom nut back on, and there we have the mount bolted in place with the new spacer plates.

And now for the right engine mount. Hey, I didn't notice anyone else volunteer for this job. Alternator is in the way up top, and those bolts ar stiff as well, so more Kroil please. Well the Kroil didn't do it for the top bolts on the right engine mount, so Tom is getting serious with the "gas axe". Should we really be treating a nice MGB this way? Fire extunguisher standing by, but no problem anticipated. This will only take a few seconds of finesse with the torch, and the stubborn bolts are history.

Flash forward (no pun intended) adbout 15 minutes, and the right side engine mount is all bolted in, and the alternator is back in place. Back to the left side for final tightening of those bolts, and we can finally get on with the new parts installation. Manifolds are in place, phenolic spacers and gaskets, and ready fot the carbs. Tom still doesn't want to disconnect the old hot water choke yet to spill the coolant, but you can see the new heater water return pipe installed on top of the rocker cover. Take a few minutes for Tom's special modification to the heat shield here. Slot the top edge to allow the pull cable to slip in without removing the cable end.

Getting there, little by little. New carbs and throttle shaft links in place, so time to skin a few knuckles hooking up the cables. Time to re-route the heater return hose from down under to up and over. Hold that a little higher so the coolant doesn't run out. Tom decided to "borrow" a part from his white GT. So now that one part has been pirated the rest of the car is fair game for stripping? Tom says, "I like my guns, so if you run you just die tired". Okay, maybe we won't strip the GT.

Hooking up the intake vacuun hose to the front tappet cover is another knuckle skinning chore, but sombody's gotta do it. Then connect the "Y" fitting, to get vacuum connected back into the crankcase again. Plenty of length on the throttle cable, so just clip that off to install the new cable end fitting. Then just another little delay to R&R one of the throttle connector shafts to reorient a backward part. .

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