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Brake Cylinder "C" Clip Installation Made Easy

I was recently asked about an easier way to install the large "C" clip that retains the rear wheel brake hydraulic cylinder of the MGB, and other cars, in place. The comment was made that the individual needs another pair of hands (or more!), and that all he had done was bend the clip so much that it really was not usable. The answer to the question is a big YES - there is a relatively simple and easy way of installing the clip, and once done, the next question will be "why didn't I think of that before?".

With the wheel and the brake drum off, you will see that the axle flange sits almost directly above the hole through which the slotted "neck" of the wheel cylinder is installed. Clamp a large vise grip wrench to the bottom of the axle flange with the head of the wrench pushing against the wheel cylinder (as shown), and you will now have your own two hands free to install the "C" clip.

The concave side of the clip is positioned against the inner side of the brake shoe backing plate. Insert one flanged end of the clip into the slot of the wheel cylinder, followed by the middle flange. Use a flat screwdriver and hammer to ensure that these first two flanges enter into the circular slot of the wheel cylinder.

The screwdriver is then used to lift/pry the third flange of the clip up and over the neck of the wheel cylinder to snap it into the circular slot. Check that all three flanged areas of the clip are fully within the circular slot, and voila, you have completed the job with no damage to the "C" clip itself, and almost faster than it takes to read this how-to-do-it.

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