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  Chicagoland MG Club:Driveline

The meeting was called to order at 8:05pm by Tom Josefek, Sharon Anderson, Dianna Gonzales and Steve Selan. There were 36 members present and one guest Bob Coxworth, midget owner and future member.


Election results: Results have been tallied and published. The new officers were introduced by Diana Gonzales and took office tonight. Tom Josefek announced that he would be stepping down due to personal and business resons and conceded his position to Ray Glorioso. The new president is David "Cowboy" Bralich, vice-president is Ray Glorioso, treasurer David Mullis and secretary Debra Mennell.
Cruise to the Rock: There were 7 cars to represent the Chicagoland MG club at the annual cruise to the commemorative rock at the Museum of Science and Industry this year. Members were again part of the Sports Unlimited television program before leaving to breakfast together in the city. You can catch the cable program on Channel 19 (city) or Channel 3 (suburbs).
Christmas Party: There was a general consensus that the Christmas party was a great hit with the members. Thanks to the board for the good times and great feed.
Regalia: The regalias needs a set budget for this year and would like to make purchases in time to attend the swap meet on February 25th.
Rally: We are looking for a rally master for 2001 to take over from Mike Olsen. Anyone wishing to apply - see Mike. Mike is willing to undertake training for anyone with the desire but feels they are lacking in experience.
Autocross: Mike is looking into a new location in Indiana to hold an annual Autocross since the closing of Utica has left us without a goodplace for racing. There have been several site suggested to Mike and he is reviewing these now.


Amtrack Road Trip: The 5th annual Amtrack road trip will be held from Friday, January 19th to Sunday, January 21. There will be at least 12 participants this year visiting the Studebaker Museum in South Bend, Indiana. The group will be gathering at Union Station on Friday evening for drinks before catching the 7:00 pm train.
Swap Meet & Auto Jumble Jim Evans passed out reminder cards to all members for our upcoming 5th annual swap meet on Sunday, February 25, 2001. It will again be held at the DuPage County Fairgrounds beginning at 8:00am for the general public and running to 3:00pm. It is open to all for a $3.00 admission price. We have 33 vendor spots sold already and are still taking reservations.
    Jim has passed out a sign-up sheet for set-up and clean-up assistance. Set-up begins Saturday night at 6:00pm and usually runs for 2 hours. Sunday check in of vendors is at 6:00am with the admission of the general public at 8:00am. Please see Jim Evans to sign up if you are willing to help in any way.
    This event has been growing in popularity every year and Steve Selan has suggested that we have permanent, professionally created signs that can be re-used annually. The motion was seconded and Jim will look into getting these done.
Awards Banquet: 1Sharon Anderson reported on the upcoming awards banquet which will again be held at the Superosa Restaurant in Lisle, Il. We have placed orders for a buffet containing several types of pizza, pasta and salad, with a wine and beer bar for $20.00 per person beginning at 6:00pm. Please pay Dave Mullis. Remember, in addition to awards and presentations, this is our official business meeting for the year.
MG 2001: The national MG gathering will be in St. Paul, Minnesota this year to be held over the 4th of July week. The sponsor cars will be approximately 50 MG vintage race cars, some still original. Bill Mennell will be setting up a scenic, 2 day caravan leaving on Saturday, June 30, 2001. Dave Bralich will be leaving on Monday. Details will be forthcoming.
Missouri Endurance Rally: The rally will take place on March 24 & 25 of this year. Flyers and a sign up sheet were left for interested members.
Tech Sessions: Dave Bralich will be installing carpet in his MG on Saturday, January 20, 2001. Tom Josefek will be holding a tech session on Mark 1 B and early MGB style transmissions sometime in February or March. It will probably cover 2 consecutive Sundays; one for tear-down and analysis and the next for reassembly.
Spring Tune Up: This year's spring tune up is April 22 at Quality Tires (was the Goodyear).
Road America Camping and Race: The "white" circle has been reserved for the weekend of July 20 for any members wishing to camp at the Plymouth Rock Camping resort. Please contact Jake or Ann Snyder to place your reservations and join us at the vintage races this year.
MGA Parts: Barney Gaylord announced that he had purchased a MGA parts car and is willing to discuss selling parts on a first come, first served basis to interested members. Please see our web site for more information.
50/50 Drawing: Won by Jake Snyder.
The meeting was concluded at 9:30pm followed by a film on racing at Road America.

Respectufully submitted,
Debra Mennell

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