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Judging by the number of driving events on this year's calendar, this is going to be very busy year! As much as I'd like to take part in them all, I know my priority list is going to get in the way. John Schroeder is planning an excellent trip and events to do around the MG2006 Convention. But, the Priority List is raising its ugly head already - work, a high school graduation, a college graduation, general "stuff"…and life gets in the way of playtime. I mean, does anybody consider my priorities before they schedule their everyday activities?
Not much driving time was available for me this past month, but I've identified a new item for my to-be-purchased list: a hand crank. Apparently a poor terminal connection has drawn down my battery so this week will see some attention paid to that. Priorities.
Please check the website over the next couple weeks for details on the Spring Tour on April 30. We will be starting from the western suburbs for a leisurely few hour tour. (Priorities getting in way preventing further elaboration at this point.) Stay tuned and Drive Safe!

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